So Hot In Hurr: Skincare for the Summer

Nelly came out with his debut album in 2002 and people couldn’t get enough of  “Hot In Herre”, the number one single. In honor of that classic jam, I’m gonna talk about what I do with my skin care during the summer.

 I still have my faves here but my routine becomes decidedly more food-based during the summer.  Vegas has both hot women and hotter temps, so I need lighter but still effective products to battle this triple-digit heat. The solution? I get my swap on with products that help me in the same way but do so without such a heavy hand:

The Understudies:

  Almond Oil


 Almond oil is:

  • Non-comedogenic ( yay for sensitive skin and unclogged pores!!)
  • Often used as a massage oil
  • Made from sweet almonds
  • A great skin emollient
  • High in concentrations of vitamin E and antioxidants

It’s also fairly easy on the wallet because I only paid around $8 for mine at Whole Foods.  This has replaced my old moisturizer during these summer months. Still looking to find it at a cheaper price, but I don’t use much. 5 drops in the palm after washing my face (before adding my daily SPF) and I’m good to go!

Fresh Rose Cleansing Foam


This ah-mAZE-ing cleanser has:

  • Rosewater: Soothes the skin; notable for its balancing properties.
  • Cooling Cucumber Extract: Helps  calm the skin.
  • Evening Primrose Extract: Supports natural collagen synthesis.
  • Plum Seed Oil: Helps to hydrate and keep up a healthy complexion.
  • Glycerin: 3rd ingredient so there’s a lot but glycerin is primarily used as a humectant ( something that absorbs or helps another substance keep in moisture).

I used to take an evening primrose supplement to lessen my PMS symptoms and give my face a chance before hormonal acne set in. Who knew my new favorite cleanser had it too? I swap this one out with the other cleanser I use from this brand.

Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes


I love these because when it’s hot out I’m usually not wearing too much makeup. I’m still getting exposed though to the exhaust, dirt, sun and sweat  from being outside and just running errands. When that midday nap slaps me upside the head I use these wipes to gently remove mascara and lip gloss  before I completely KO.

BONUS:  I mix tea tree essential oil with coconut oil when I have an unexpected breakout. Essential oils can be VERY harsh on the skin due to high concentration so mixing them with a carrier oil  can make it easier on your face.

Sound off in the comments: what skincare changes do you make when the temps get high?


99 Problems: Protein Might Be One

In natural hair terminology T.W.A. means teeny-weeny Afro, usually not long enough to hang down around the ears. My alternate definition? Tresses With Attitude…

My hair has grown since I big chopped in February and I’m nearing the six-month mark. I’m very happy with the growth I’m seeing and optimistic about resurrecting my infamous ‘fro a.k.a. Thunda:


Backstory: My T.W.A. at this point had loved the DevaCurl line ( except the gel), giving me all kinds of curl poppage. The problem was I hadn’t done a protein treatment in about two months and knew I was out of my PhytoKeratine mask. I bought the Palmer’s Deep Conditioning Protein Pack thinking it would do just as good a job as my usual staple. I’d heard really good things about it and have seen it used with stellar results in various YouTube vids.

Process: I washed my hair with AG Hair Cosmetics Re:Coil after letting warm water saturate my hair for about 3 minutes. After rinsing out the shampoo I applied the protein pack, concentrating on my ends. I left it in for 15 minutes with a towel wrapped for heat, as the range is 10-20 minutes then rinsed it out thoroughly.

Results: After I rinsed out the treatment, my hair felt really dry and stiff. My hair is low porosity so even though it isn’t very long it’s usually still damp and soft. Not this time. Also the smell putting it on wasn’t too appealing.

Verdict: Not my cup of tea. I’m sure it works for others and I might give it another try in a few months after I get my hair trimmed or have more length.

Sound off in the comments about treatments for protein you’ve tried. How’d they measure up?

SuperPowered Skin: Spinach Avocado Smoothie

I hate acne.

I hate adult acne specifically.

I also feel like it’s ridiculous punishment for people like me who have finally gotten to the point where I don’t have to hide my face under a sweatshirt on the worst of my breakout days.

That said, I was also tired of only approaching the problem from one direction. Cleansers and serums are all well and good but there had to be something I could do that would boost my skin’s superpowers. So in the name of all that is healthy and happy, I give you:

The Spinach Avocado Smoothie:



2 cups raw spinach

1 cup water

1/2 cup strawberries ( frozen or fresh)

1/2 cup red grapes ( frozen or fresh)

1/4 avocado

1 tablespoon almond butter

1 teaspoon flax meal

Combine. Blend well. Get ya sip on!

I added about a tablespoon of honey so the flax and almond butter weren’t too overwhelming, so please feel free to adjust it . There are a bunch of vitamins in this such as folic acid (strawberries), selenium & zinc ( almond butter), Vitamin A ( spinach) and that flax meal has those sexy omega-3s we need to keep glowing complexions. All of those nutrients are also very good for you and healthy too! For my calorie counters, one smoothie is 309 calories, with 179 of those being from fat.  Here’s to healthy bones and skin!

21 Days Fit

I’m six weeks away from turning my tassel and wanted to turn something else: a new leaf over! Spring always gets people cleaning out a closet or living room, so why not get closer to happy and healthy by cleaning up your diet and workout routine?

There are plenty of apps like Nike Training Club that help you find workouts that you can do at home. I like those too, but I didn’t feel like those worked for me. Research has shown that it can take about 21 days to make a habit, and I wanted to make a habit of  keeping it trim at the gym. Solution? Make my own workout chart!!
Here it is :

2014-04-02 21.19.33

A quick snapshot so you get the gist

And here’s the link if you want to print it out:Workout Routine 2014

  Here’s the deal: I’m not a personal trainer and I respect the heck out of women like Jeanette Jenkins and Massy Arias who kick butt and help others get fit for a living. I’m working towards my own nutrition certification and maybe even training on my own someday so right now, these are exercises that keep me interested in staying fit, and the chart is my own creation :) I’ll also be posting one healthy recipe or tip a day on my blog that I’m doing as well as keeping you all updated via Instagram @fresh_eleven and Twitter @dsjgp. If you want to join in, here’s how:

1. Follow me on either Twitter or Instagram

(I don’t post too many food pics, so this should be easy)

2. Use #21DaysFit and post photos of either an exercise or recipe that’s keeping you on the fit path

3. Enjoy this! Exercise and healthy habits are great for beauty, body and balance!




Who hasn’t felt the urge for a change! Decided to get a tattoo or climb a mountain top? And who is just sick and tired of eating gummy bears?!

You are?
Gee, that’s too bad.

A few days ago after another bout with my hair pretending to behave ended in this landmark decision: I’m cutting it.

I know, I know. I have been preaching about length retention and growth cycles and everything hair health. That said, I had to take a long look at my hair and while it was long, it wasn’t as healthy as I thought it could be. Here’s the before:


I had a chemical relaxer, which essentially permanently straightens my hair. I loved the length and the shine and was keeping up between treatments, but something just wasn’t working. It was dry and not responding well to my own straightening efforts. I decided to try some two strand twists but when I took down my attempt at a protective style, I was left was just as much hair on the floor as on my head. So I called my stylist and said no more relaxers and just chop it off!!! She was totally on board and very supportive, so this afternoon, I chopped.

It went a little something like this ( in the third photo we just messed around) :


I love my new cut and can’t wait until it grows out. My goal in about two to three years, if not sooner, is this:


My hair type isn’t exactly like that but length is what I’m aiming for. This also gives an awesome opportunity for new and fun product reviews from scratch, and who doesn’t love trying out new stuff? Excluding gummy bears.

I’m glad I was able to share this beginning part of my natural hair care journey with you. Next month I’ll talk length checks and new products!

Sex Subjects : How To Move From Being Acted Upon to Acting Like A Human

I never thought I’d rethink my position as a woman. I’ve never had anyone question my sexuality, I don’t get followed ( anymore than the usual profiling problems. Yes I can see you, no I’m not stealing) and I like to think I’m up on women’s issues and fairly open-minded.

Then I watched Laci Green completely blow my mind regarding sexual objectification. To break it down quickly: instead of being seen as a person with thoughts, feelings, ambitions and a complex life story I as a woman am seen as bunch of parts to be ogled and assembled purely for sexual pleasure. She also went on to say that even WOMEN see OTHER WOMEN as parts of a person, not whole. Where’s the sisterhood and so-called feminism in that?

I finished the video with my mouth agape, and immediately thought of all the images of women I’d been exposed to: models, celebrities, dancers, even women who were just submitting pictures to fashion sites for fun. I realized after looking at comment after comment each woman was broken down into parts: butt too small/big/droopy, makeup not right, legs/hips toned or long or short. Once I got to thinking about hair, it just got weirder. I went to look in my bathroom mirror and I had to ask myself some serious questions:

1) Do I do my hair/ makeup/ glamscaping/crunches because I truly feel good and these are things that benefit me or because I subconsciously know I am viewed as an object so I must maintain my appeal?


2) When I work out and go to female workout support websites, how come I only see parts of a woman’s body in the images ? Not to negate the point of demonstrating the effects of an exercise, but isn’t it slightly pornographic that a woman who wants to show she squats shows her ENTIRE ASS in panties as opposed to wearing bike shorts?!

( I’m gonna ignore that fact that “ambassador” is spelled wrong -_- )

3) Why is cutting your hair short such a big deal? Is it because men have decided that long hair is the ONLY attractive way women are perceived, and that’s why we go for length by any means even if it isn’t flattering?


4) Is this why Chippendales shows are so popular? That they somehow provide a little short-lived revenge for women who constantly scrutinize themselves and other women through the eyes of the gender who wouldn’t make it through childbirth without dying?

Part of communicating, whether you want to be a feminist or just a good human being, is really seeing people as people, not items to be accumulated or displayed. I don’t see half as many ads telling men about 101 ways how to blow a woman’s mind or the 15 beauty tips he should be utilizing to keep me (although clipping your toenails and occasionally shaving your back hair would be nice! Lol).

Here are a few new ways I’m starting to interAct and not interJect my bias:

- Keep comfortable eye contact. It’s okay to glance around a bit but try to keep the eyes in a neutral spot. You actually might hear what the other person is saying.

-Check your compliments. If she has nice hair, cool, but don’t obsess or reverse compliment like ” I wish MY ( insert singular body part) looked as good as yours” . We’re people, not parts!

-I now officially am banning the phrase “I’d hit that” or any sexual equivalent from my vocab. I didn’t say it before but I think respecting myself and you starts with acknowledging that men aren’t meat and women aren’t fish to be hooked.

Check the link in the text and share thoughts below!! See you next week!


A Group of Girls Walk In To a Margaritaville or How I Learned To Have A Little Fun


It didn’t start like this I swear. I had planned a nice quiet evening with three friends to just catch up and relax. Maybe a martini or two and a few good deep conversations.

The next thing I know I’m doing the cha-cha slide with a balloon hat on my head, like this:




How many times have you ignored your buddies and wished you could have hung out?

How many times have you turned down a chance to give yourself a break?

I get it. Work or school and life can be pretty challenging, often draining the last bits of fun. I found myself constantly exhausted and worried about the next class or exam, trying to do my best to remain coherent at work. I was boring and stuck in a rut so wide the Grand Canyon looked like a crack in the sidewalk.

Here’s the kicker: my blog is about beauty tips and tricks, having a healthy body and….drumroll please…. BALANCE! How the heck can I be balanced if I’m impersonating a highly-educated sleepwalker?! So when my friend J asked me if I wanted to get together for margaritas and mayhem, how could I refuse?

I had a blast with friends I’d been forsaking for weeks and got a chance to catch up. College is stressful enough as it is, so sometimes you need to let off a little steam and wear a balloon hat. :)

Operation Resolution: Give Back

Have you ever done something so cool that you couldn’t wait to do it again?

The very idea of doing it made you feel alive, connected and that somehow your existence wasn’t solidified by your Facebook feed and how many followers you have on Twitter?

I’m always looking for ways to give back and as one of my more private resolutions this year was to get involved and give back, I got a chance to revisit a new favorite charity.

This past Saturday, I spent some time hanging with the women who orchestrate Las Vegas Prom Closet. Born in 2003 as a way to offer opportunities for high school foster kids to attend proms, Las Vegas Prom Closet’s Operation Glass Slipper has recently celebrated 10 years of helping prom dreams come true for area kids. They’ve provided more than 1,000 dresses free of charge to students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to attend prom. Staffed, run and organized by volunteers, this organization is one I can really get behind. I remember prom and how many of my friends were choosing between prom and graduation because of costs. I helped out last year and had so much fun I signed up to help out again!

So what do 1,000 dresses look like?

2014-01-04 09.29.33

This ain’t even the half of it!!

Many of these dresses are donated by local boutiques, retailers and residents so we needed to get everything in order. I had the fun job of hanging out with amazing women and helping sort through all these gorgeous garments. Shoes, shawls and accessories are also donated so many girls walk out of the Operation: Glass Slipper Event completely ready for prom. From sizing to color grouping, we spent two hours helping to make this year’s event go even smoother. Check out the gallery below and make sure to visit Las Vegas Prom Closet to learn more. How are you giving back this year?

New Year, New Vision


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! ( Exactly  2 days late…but who’s counting? I am. I told you: 2 days late).

2014 looks big and bright, right? Full of opportunity and promise and many chances to start over.

As I prepared for the new year I thought about ways to improve this blog as well as ways to improve my life. I’ve enjoyed fitness posts, really appreciated the readership I’m gathering and am totally ready to make this year better than the last. So I have some things for you to look forward to:

  • More detailed recipe posts. Let’s yummy and healthy this year! I don’t promise not to post about cupcakes and the like, but I will balance it out with healthy snacks and food.
  • Video reviews on the beauty products I’ve used and tutorials I’ve tried.
  • FITNESS POSTS!!! I wanna get fit and be healthy and I’d love to help you do it too.

If you have anything else, you’d like to see, please let me know. Let’s make 2014 the best year ever!

2013-12-19 04.46.47